'I say,' said Freddie in an awed voice. 'He's a bit of a nut, that lad, what? He reminds me of the troops of Midian in the hymn. The chappies who prowled and prowled around. I'll bet he's worn a groove in the carpet Like a jolly old tiger at the Zoo at feeding time. Wouldn't be surprised at any moment to look down and find him biting a piece out of my leg!'


Scholars Ink said...

Yes! I've found this blog again. :)

Being rather an avid Wodehousian, I was buoyed by a cloud of raw delight when I stumbled upon this page on my first day of hewing the wood and so forth.

A wonderful project and a delight to read. Keep it up!

Esther said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it and all that rot. I'm posting my favorite lines as I read through Plum's books. Ahhh...life is hard. :)
Tootle Pip!